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Website Design & Development

Custom Development


High quality - Our websites are custom built to your specific needs, not based on a template. What we create is a web experience of your company that is appropriate, flexible, and accessible to your audience.

Ease of maintenance - We have developed a custom framework that allows us to make changes to your site incredibly quickly, or we can offer you a website that you can update yourself without having to rely on a webmaster to keep your site's content updated. Both options save you time and money.

Standards compliance - We strive to make all of our sites XHTML and CSS 2 compliant and have outgrown table-based layouts. These things combined mean that the code we use to build your website will render properly with different browsers, your pages will display quickly because our file sizes are as small as possible, and our code offers a high degree of handicap accessibility.

Rapid process - With our custom framework we can prototype, build, and make changes to your website in a matter of hours, keeping your site looking fresh with minimal costs to you.

Content Services


Graphic Design - Every website involves some form of graphic imagery, and we can provide you with logo design, corporate identity, and custom graphics for your website that can also be used in print.

Photography - If you need product, service or metaphoric image content for your website our staff photographer can represent recommendations and offer you compelling photographs to present your company.

Copywriting - Our copywriters are experts at transferring the knowledge you have about your company into written content for your website. By asking you the right questions we will distill your words into a clear, directed message.

Support Services


Website Service & Maintenance - At Helping Hand PC we are a relationship-oriented company which means that we will service your needs long after the completion of the initial website creation. Any questions or maintenance issues that arise will be handled for you quickly and efficiently.

Local Hosting & Support - We also offer reliable web hosting services at competitive prices, making us a true "one-stop shop" for your web needs.

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Stand Out in a Crowd

A great website begins with captivating design. The initial impression your home page makes can represent the difference between contact from a prospect or a pass, as the prospect surfs away. There are many requirements to a good website, and Helping Hand PC Services can assist with them all—but it begins right here, with good design. Contact us today to learn more about how Helping Hand can give your site's look a facelift!