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Server Installation

If your business has grown to the point where it's getting difficult to exchange files and work efficiently, it might be time to introduce a server. Helping Hand PC can help you identify the right server for your computer environment, help you purchase a new server, install it on site for you, and transition your workstations into a Windows—domain environment.

Network Success

There are several keys to building a network that keeps your business moving and prepares you for the changes to come.

  • 1. Internet:  Make sure you have the     fastest possible connection to     allow for the quickest load times and     enable tools like cloud computing     and VoIP, as well as remote access     for team members working off-site.
  • 2. Security:  Build in network security     from the start. A router with a built-in     firewall offers security defenses.     Anti-spam, anti-virus, and     anti-spyware are essential.
  • 3. Mobile:  Allow your team to access     their email and your company's     networks with their smartphones or     tablets. With cloud computing     services, a VPN, and an IP-based     phone system, you can give your     employees access to every aspect of     their job when they're away from the     office.

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