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Remote Backup

Have any of the following happened to you?

  • Lost data through a hard drive crash or user error?
  • Had a fire or flood?
  • Lost your computer due to theft?
  • Deleted the wrong files?
  • Found that your backups were corrupted?
  • Dropped or damaged your laptop?
  • Had your computer attacked by a virus?
  • Person responsible for doing backup was on vacation?

Backups seem unimportant up until you need the data from your storage media. Data recovery can be costly for any business. Fees to recover lost data can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars or run into the thousands. How much would it cost you to rebuild your data or take the chance that all of your history may never be restored?

Helping Hand PC's remote backup service provides secure, reliable backups for your entire network that are safely stored off-premises. The process is simple. Your computer connects nightly to our storage server via your high speed internet connection and transfers your data in a compressed and encrypted file. This provides a full 30 days of incremental backups. On any given day in any business, tasks tend to get priority in order of immediate importance. There seem to be too many things to do and not enough time to do them. That is a fact of life in running a business. Backups tend to end up somewhere at the end of the list.

For less than $180* per year you can rest assured knowing that your backups are safe and securely stored off site. Don't risk losing the very thing that your business or family memories are built on. Remember, our business is keeping you in business. * 250 MB pricing of $14.95 per month without setup or additional networking. Additional storage space is available.

Save Money in the Long Run

When technology fails, it's sometimes tempting to just replace it with something new. But with the team at Helping Hand PC Services by your side, you can extend the life of your hardware and software, and stretch your money further.

Outsourcing your technology needs will provide:
  • 1. Significant decreases in downtime when something goes down
  • 2. Improved network and hardware performance
  • 3. Protection against security breaches
  • 4. Increased employee productivity
  • 5. Fewer "growing pains" due to network capacity issues
  • 6. Lower costs and increased efficiency

We offer affordable solutions to your technology problems. Contact Us us today to find out how the experienced technicians at Helping Hand PC Services can become a trusted extension of your team!

Complete CareTM

If you want to focus on growing and building your business, don't let technology stand in your way. Helping Hand PC takes a proactive approach that will help you save time and money by identifying potential hardware, software, and security issues that could interfere with your business's success.

Our Complete CareTM Managed Services program provides you with the "technology insurance" that is right for your company. We make sure all your existing systems are well maintained and designed to meet your business needs well into the future.

Find out how the Helping Hand PC Complete CareTM Managed Services program can help you and your company. Contact Us today.