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Maintenance Instructions

The instructions below are intended to help you to maintain your computer on your own and should be followed in order.

Please remember if all else fails you can always call us between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday at (630) 940-1718. The information here is only an attempt at preventive maintenance, not a "fix-all." Helping Hand PC provides this information because we care about protecting our clients' computers, and following these instructions on a regular basis will help keep your computer in top shape. We encourage you to share these instructions with others.

A general disclaimer:
Helping Hand PC is not directly affiliated with any of the companies who are responsible for the tools mentioned in these instructions. We provide this information for the good of our clients but provide no warranty or guarantee for the applications herein. That said, we have found these tools to be incredibly useful in our experience, and that's why we are recommending them.

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