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Running Spybot

Spybot Search & Destroy (usually just called "Spybot") is an anti-spyware utility that detects and removes malicious software (commonly referred to as "spyware"). Use this program to ensure that no unwanted software has found its way onto your system, and to remove anything that may have snuck in. This program works well in tandem with AntiMalware to provide double coverage for your system.

  • 1.
    Double click on the "Spybot - Search & Destroy" icon in your maintenance folder as seen below.
  • 2.
    Once Spybot is opened, click on the "Search for Updates" button.
  • 3.
    Check all the applicable updates, (when in doubt, select them all), and click "Download Updates."
  • 4.
    Then click on the "Search & Destroy" button to get back to the core of the program.
  • 5.
    Now, click on the "Check for Problems" button and watch Spybot go to work.
  • 6.
    If Spybot lists malicious software on your system, ensure that the software has a green check mark in front of it, and then click "Fix Problems" when Spybot has finished its scan.
  • 7.
    After it has finished fixing your problems, you have successfully run Spybot, and may close it.

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