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Running Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a utility that is included with Windows. It is designed to check a number of specific locations on your computer's hard drive for old, unnecessary, or temporary files that are not essential to the operation of your computer. Running Disk Cleanup removes these files and increases the amount of hard drive space available on your computer.

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    Double click on the "Disk Cleanup" icon in your maintenance folder as pictured below.
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    If you have multiple hard drives, or have multiple partitions, Disk Cleanup will ask you which hard drive you would like to clean up. For most users, this won't pop up, but if it does, most users should select the (C:) drive as that's the default location Windows installs to, however cleaning all the drives probably wouldn't hurt.
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    Disk Cleanup will automatically take a look at the hard drive you selected, or if you only have one, it'll just check that one to estimate the number of items that can be cleaned out.
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    You will want to clean up everything it will let you clean with the exception of two things. The first are the "MS Office Setup Files," so uncheck/deselect that item as seen below.
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    The second one to deselect is "Compress Old Files" as this can cause some stability and performance problems.
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    Now you can click "OK" and let the program do its work.
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    Of course, we are sure we want to perform these actions.
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    When Disk Cleanup's progress bar is finished you have successfully run the program and cleaned your hard drive.

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