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Helping Hand PC exists to add value. We've set the "start page" for your new computer to this page to give you quick and immediate access to some of the most common resources on the web. You can also change your homepage if you wish.

The HHPC Maintenance Folder

On every computer we work on, we add a Maintenance folder to the Desktop and load it with programs and utilities to help keep your computer clean. These include anti-spyware tools, disk cleanup tools, and even some "emergency" tools that we hope you'll never have to use, but can really help us help *you* out in a pinch.

You protect your data, why not protect your power?

Power failures are a very common cause of data loss, yet can be easily prevented. APC sells backup battery & surge protection units that ensure your hardware and data are safe. Ask us about solutions for your home computer or office server.

Is it time to get a server for your growing business?

Server technology and benefits notwithstanding, you don't want to make technology purchases that won't benefit your bottom line, facilitate key business processes or otherwise make your life easier. While there is no single litmus test you can use to determine if you need a server, some general guidelines do apply.