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Complete Care

Our Complete Care service is a flat monthly fee that eliminates our hourly service charge for remote calls, onsite service, and general troubleshooting.

Security patches
We'll keep you up to date by making sure your current software has the latest security patches.

Hard drive optimization
We'll delete the unneeded files that accumulate just from doing everyday tasks like surfing the internet.

Upgrade recommendations
If your system starts to get old, we'll tell you, and we'll try to find a way to keep it on the front line of today's technology.

Backup recommendations
We'll help you develop a backup plan or make sure your current plan is right for you.

Wi-Fi set up and encryption
We can help secure your network's wireless access points, as well as check your server to make sure no one is maliciously attacking your network.

Maintenance tips
Next we'll give you our latest tools and programs to help maintain your machine so it will last as long as it can.